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"Unpivot" table columns to rows



Hi all,

Have a need to convert fields to rows leaving the original table intact and storing the result in a new table (or view).  In some tools this would be referred to as an "unpivot" function.  How would I do this is Caspio?  See "Current data" and "Unpivoted data" below.  Thanks.

Current data:

  Jan Feb
Account 1 20 40
Account 2 60 10


Unpivoted data:

Account 1 Jan 20
Account 2 Jan 60
Account 1 Feb 40
Account 2 Feb 10
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17 hours ago, Nuke354 said:

Hi Mitch, perhaps you can use a Trigger/Task to move the un-pivoted data version of the table to another. You can then create a loop to insert records for each column. As of now, the "un-pivot" feature is not available.

Thanks!  As  a Caspio newbie would I never have come up with that.  When I had this DB in Access I would just use a series of Union queries such as:

SELECT Jan from Table1 UNION SELECT Feb from Table1 etc...

Confirming that is not possible is Caspio?  For that matter it appears that any use of SQL isn't available ?


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