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Case Statement involving a date/time field an number field



I am receiving an invalid formula error on the following:
CASE WHEN [@field:END_Pickup] IS NOT NULL THEN [@field:Carrier_Date] + Try_Convert(datetime, [@field:END_Pickup])ELSE 'END Not Provided'END

Carrier_Date is a date/time datatype and END Pickup is a number datatype. But the value of the Carrier_Date field upon record update form element is a TimeStamp.

My current workflow:
When the Carrier User submits the record, they fill out how many minutes they are from the pick-up site. Upon submit there is a Timestamp. For the Company user, when they view the record, I am trying to give the estimated ETA END. So the timestamp + the number of minutes.

The sample result should be:
2/21/2020 11:39 AM

The time of 11:24([@field:Carrier_Date]) + the Value of the minutes 15([@field:END_Pickup]).

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As I understand it, what you are trying to do is to add minute values to your timestamp based on when the field [@field:END_Pickup] is null?

If the [@field:END_Pickup] is blank, the result of the formula should be the date on the [@field:Carrier_Date] + the number of minutes stated on the field [@field:ETA_to_Pickup].

If the above statements are correct, may you please try using this formula:

CASE WHEN [@field:END_Pickup] IS NOT NULL THEN DateAdd(minute, [@field:END_Pickup], [@field:Carrier_Date]) ELSE 'END Not Provided'END

I hope this helps.

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