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Multi-Select for look up tables



Hello, very new user here. Here is my scenario

I have a list of "sports interests" that I want to be available for a user to check off. This will need to be multi-select because they can have more than one. ex golfing, tennis, swimming

I have a list of companies that offer products based on these interests. This will need to be multi-select because their products may cross over to multiple sports.

What I am trying to do is create a table with these "sports interests" and use it as a look up table for both the user and the company. But the issue I am running into is that I can't figure out how to make it a multi-select option when I do the lookup. No matter what option I choose (dropdown, radio buttons, etc)  Any idea what I am doing wrong? I attached a couple of screenshots of the set up

Multi-Select issue.docx

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Hello @samcooke909,

To be able to use a multi-select option, you will need to set your field to a Listbox form element on the DataPage. And then to make your field a multi-select Listbox, it will need some customization. 

Please  follow the steps from this forum post: Select multiple values from a listbox in a WebForm

Also, it is possible to use List-string data type, but you need to be aware of the limitations for this one. More can be found here: List Data Types

Hope this helps!

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