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How to remove duplicate characters from a string



I have several fields in the table with the Text(255) data type and need to concatenate these values in the Formula field as comma-separated values.

The formula is simple as looks like this:


The issue is that in some records some vales are blank an the output has extra commas:


How to remove them?

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 Just sharing the solution in the Question&Answer way. Maybe it is helpful for some forum members.

This formula helped to remove extra commas from the string:

REPLACE(LTRIM(RTRIM(REPLACE(REPLACE(REPLACE(REPLACE(([@field:field_1] + ',' + [@field:field_2] + ',' + [@field:field_3] + ',' + [@field:field_4] + ',' + [@field:field_5]), ',', '><'), '<>', ''), '><', ','), ',', ' '))), ' ', ',')

The output is the following (Formula_1 field):



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Thank you for sharing this @CoopperBackpack!

I have been trying to utilize this formula on the DataPage as well, however seems that there are some limitations and it works in the Table formula only. 

Here is alternative SQL formula that I have found. It can be used in a Calculated field/value on the DataPage:

COALESCE( NULLIF([@field:A],''), '') + COALESCE(', ' + NULLIF([@field:B],''), '') + COALESCE(', ' + NULLIF([@field:C] ,''), '') + COALESCE(', ' + NULLIF([@field:D],''), '')


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