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Hi, I am setting up a small private three user expense database using this program...
I have, still am, watching the videos to do so.
On the video (number 4 I think) he goes on to talk about the various web pages needed...is that the case, I need a load of web pages (I can use Wordpress)?
I also am having an issue with the login page. 
When I set it up as per the video (I am not sure I have the <script> correct as I can't see how the first line starts...is it with a $ or &?
The link I give it is the full the http address as if it is just the page name it would need to be taking it from a local host file on my laptop?
&\"[@authfield:User_Role]" = = "Partner"){
window location = "https://xxxxxxxxxx.com/wp/carproject/login-page/admindashboard/";

As there is only three of us to use it the app I only need this one line?
Thanks in advance

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Hello @awolagain,

You may refer to this article https://howto.caspio.com/tech-tips-and-articles/common-customizations/create-user-specific-redirect-after-login/

This solution is relevant in case you need to redirect users to deferent web-pages depending on their roles. 

If all users have the same role,  you may skip this step and not create the HTML page with JavaScript code for redirection the users.

Hope this helps. 

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One other thing I don't understand is that everything seems to have 'Demo' attached to it when I am not in 'Demo' mode I am in Free selection?

Am I about to be told that my 'Demo' time has finished and I need to pay for it?

Worried I am doing this work for nothing?

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Hello again @awolagain,

1) If you are referring to the demo application in your account as shown on the screenshot below, this demo is attached by default to showcase the application in Caspio account, etc.

You may even delete it. This is up to you.


2) If you are asking about Trial and Free accounts, these are two different plans.

As far as I know the Trial account is valid for 14 days and has features that are similar to the paid Grow plan. So each user of  the Trial account can review most of the available features.

Free account  is limited in features, but not limited in time. You may check the Pricing page https://www.caspio.com/pricing/ 

For example, there are only 25 DataPages in the Free plan, and only 5 of them can have the enabled deployment status. 

In case you have the Trial account now, you may convert it to a Free or Paid plan before the Trial period ends. Please check how the plan can be changed https://howto.caspio.com/managing-your-account/changing-your-plan/

Feel free to update this thread if you have any further questions. 

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Hi CB,

Thank you for the response.
I had a phone call from the company asking me how I was getting on and what was my project, very nice i thought. The guy who rang said they have a number of ready to go

apps that would fit my need and he would send me the link to them...nothing from him so far.

'...For example, there are only 25 DataPages in the Free plan, and only 5 of them can have the enabled deployment status...'
Am I right in thinking that each 'DataPage' has to be embedded into a web page that I must create.  Therefore how can you have 25 but only 5 will work? 
I am at a loss to get my head around that, would it not be better to say you have 5 DataPages?
I have deleted the Doctors App and it seemed to be conflicting with my App, I would keep getting 'Demo' attached to the file name?
Clearly I am struggling with  this for some reason, yet I can work with Access (albeit limited) and it works lol...oh well.

Thanks again for your reply. 


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Hello @awolagain,

You can request any app from Free App Templates for Your Online Database | Caspio to be uploaded to your account but keep in mind that the number of deployed DataPages allowed for free accounts are only 5. So, if you wish to deploy the app on a host and use it for your business, you will be able to do deploy only 5 of them at a time. However, if you want to just see and learn how the tables are designed and DataPages are built etc, you can do so without any issues. You can also preview any number of DataPages separately without having to deploy them. 

To request an app to be uploaded to your account, select any app on that link and click on "Request app" button and fill out the form. The app will be uploaded by Caspio support team on the same or the next business day.

I hope that answers your questions.


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