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Trigger to create for all active field



Hi there, I am relatively new here with my first post. I am busy figuring out trigger actions which I have the basics down but struggling with something:
I have 3 tables:
1. user_info
2. trading_results
3. user_history

I need a trigger action to insert newly captured data from trading_results (date, growth in %) to user_history applying it to all active users (tick box) from the user_info table.

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Hello @Benades,

This information is helpful. As I understand now,  you need to insert new records (not to update the existing) to the user_history table every time the new record is inserted to the trading_results table.

Let`s say I have the following user_info table:



And insert data to the trading_results table: growth - 100, date - 04/15/2021

I receive the following result:



The Trigger design:


Not sure that this is  the result that you are looking for. 

And if it is the case, maybe some can provide you with more elegant solution. 

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Hello @Benades,

If I understand correctly, the user_history is initially empty.  And you need to add there the data that is inserted to the  trading_results table. 

And tables are linked with user_id like this: 


If all above is correct, you may try to build the following Triggered Action:


The idea is to create a trigger on the trading_results table that is running on the Insert action. 

You need to have Inner Join for #inserted table and the user_info table on user_id to check the the user status.  And insert the values from #inserted table to the user_history table.

Hope this helps. 

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Thanks for the feedback @CoopperBackpack but I was looking for something more automatic. In my case there is no user_ID in the trading_results table because there are 100's of users and adding users by the day. So I want the trading results from the table to apply to each and every active user each time a new trading results is inserted.

The loops trigger sounds to be going in the right direction logically speaking 'for each record in {trading_results} do {apply to users_info_active}

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