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Auto-Submit Search Form When Parameters Received



Is there a way to automatically 'search' if the search form receives a parameter? I would like the search form to act normally most of the time, but, if the search form receives a parameter, I would like it to automatically go to the results page. 

I was thinking of modifying the Auto Submit script with an if/then clause that would check to see if the fields already have a value upon load, and submit if so. But,then I thought it would cause a problem going back to the search form from the results page because the old values are still present when you do that. Sounds like it would create a loop.

I would like to avoid creating an entire new datapage just to have it filter results instead of have a search form. 

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Hi @kpcollier

Then a bit of javascript to check for the parameter.

  var p = '[@your_parameter]';
  if(p !== '') {
    console.log('parameter present - auto search');
  } else {
    console.log('no parameter - behave normally');

Pair this with the AutoSubmit described here (and that you mentioned)


To prevent a loop, reset Caspio parameters with (cbResetParam=1  on the link back to search.

  • Search form URL: /your-search-page.html?cbResetParam=1

I hope this helps


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