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How to build Chart base on Pivot Tables or Have a separate table that can calculate/organize data from different table



I need to figure out how to build chart base on pivot tables.

 In our current system we are using spreadsheet for dashboard, our charts are not pulling its data directly from the main sheet. Instead we have a separate sheet that have Countifs and other formulas to create, calculate and organize data from the main sheet. That second sheet will be the reference of our charts located at the 3rd Sheet that only contain charts on it.

Google Sheet Sample formula:
=SUM(Countifs('Sheet1'!E2:E,,"Won"),Countifs(Sheet1'!E2:E,"Not Interested"),Countifs(Sheet1'!E2:E,"Interested No $")) 
•Sample Photo of the Sheet below

Not sure how to achieve the same result using Caspio, but I am thinking I need a separate table that have equivalent formula to count the text data or  I need to use the datapage pivot tables as source of the chart.

Note: The main table/Sheet will received data on two stage
Stage1: Appointment is set = Insert Data/Row containing contact info and appointment date
Stage 2: After the Appointment = Reps will update the row for appointment result


Sheet CountIf formula to Caspio Table.png

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Yeah that's doable. Main Table, is one Table, the 2nd sheet is another Table. Just use Triggered Action, or, if you're importing the data, you will need to use Application Task first to sum up those value you want to sum up.

Triggered Action is for new entries that will be inserted on the main table, it will get added on the 2nd table (or update the 2nd table's values), if something is updated, as well, you can update the 2nd table through triggered action. You can then use that 2nd table for your Pivot DataPage. Look around the forums or HowTo or Youtube videos about triggered actions, tons of references that can get you started

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Hi Everyone, just adding information on what TellMEWhy have said. Here are some HowTo Documentations that you can refer to regarding the pivot and triggers.





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