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External account users edit DataPage access permission




I am trying to let a 3rd party edit a specific DataPage.

I have created a group with "Edit DataPage" permission for the single DP.



The issue I am running into is that the user only was able to edit or access the DataPage on the 1st login.


After that, they can't navigate to it, search for it using the app key, nor use a link to the dp edit page (https://acctID.caspio.com/ui/apps/app/datapages/dpName/appKey/folder/folderName).


They are presented with the following error on any Caspio Bridge action.

"Permission denied. Contact your internal administrator for more information."


Does anybody know the process for allowing an external user to edit a specific DataPage?


Thank You

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Hi @LWSChad - if you want your users to have a capability to edit your DataPage or application, you may want to check the the user's permission located inside your Caspio Bridge account. Just simply go to Account > Access Permission > Users > Permissions. Then, you can now choose what Application, DataPage, Table they can have control with. I learned this step by step with Caspio's Helpful video overview here. If you are the account owner then you can easily do this and follow the steps. I also used these documentations below: 



Cheers mate! :) 



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Thanks for the reply. I did review these docs and perform the steps outlined in them and mentioned in your post.

The issue I'm experiencing is that the external user is able to access the DataPages in my account when they follow the initial invite, however, they can't come back to it. I have tested this with my own external email addresses and experience the same issue. I'll reach out to support.

Thanks again

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On 6/29/2021 at 8:03 AM, GoodBoy said:

I also experienced this issue a last month. What I did is that I also allow or checked the 'Read App' for the application where my DataPage belongs and it is now permitting my external users to access the DataPage.

Indeed this, along with 'Read Data' for the data source did the trick. Caspio tech support was very helpful with this suggestion as well.


Thank you

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