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Dropdown Menu compressed on first load



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Both. It is an issue with Weebly and there is a way you can fix it. It has to do with the CSS styling from the Theme you are using in Weebly. 

I can't seem to replicate the issue right now, but I remember it has happened to me before. You will need to go to your live webpage and go to your devtools. If you are using Google Chrome (it's probably the same in Firefox but I'm not sure), click Ctrl+Shift+C and that should open up DevTools. Then, click on the cursor icon on the top left on the devtools window.  Select the dropdown and see the code that comes up. 

You'll need to look on the Styles tab to see what CSS rule is styling the dropdown. 

Then, go back to your Weebly Editor. Click on Theme tab, and at the bottom left you should see 'Edit HTML/CSS'. Click on it, go to your main Styles, and find that CSS rule. You can either delete the CSS rule (this will effect all dropdowns, caspio or not, on your weebly website) or you can edit the rule to make it look the way you want. 


You can use the iframe deployment method. iFrames don't use the weebly styling. 

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