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Messaging dynamic alert for user when new message sent to them




Part of my app is a chat/messaging module that enables users in the same account (it's a SaaS app where each customer might have multiple authenticated users in the same account) to 'chat' or message each other. Everything is good on it except I need to figure out how to show a popup notification to the user who a message is directed to, instantaneously, so they know they have one.  I don't mean using the email or text message triggers (already have that enabled) but showing a small 'you have a new message' message in the lower right of the web page the app is hosted on. 

I've used sliding panels, fancybox, and straight popups in other areas so I imagine I can configure one of those methods to show the notification and new message content. The problem I'm having is, how do you trigger a function to open a notification popup/panel in another user's account, on a different computer entirely?  So when User1 submits a new message directed to User2, User2 will get an instant notification in their own browser? 

I imagine it's some sort of listener setup but don't really know how it would work. If anyone has any suggestions that'd be great!

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