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Google Map Mashup Create a Link Back to the Record from the Map or a Reverse "Map It" Button

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I have a search and report datapage.

It provides a list of a records as a tabular report and a google map mashup is displayed above the results. I have the "map it" button enabled to send the user to the map to view the location on the map.  Is there a way to then send the user back to the record in the tabular report below the map using a link in the info card?

View the live datapage here:2.0 The Bright App • WIM Tracking


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So basically, once you click "Go to Record" It will scroll down to the record in the Reports DataPage?

If so, you can do this by adding a <a> in your Results Page, for example in an HTML Block

<a href="#" id="[@field:Unique_ID]" ></a>

The ID MUST be a unique field. You can't set the display of this to none because it will not work, just don't put any display text


Go to you HTML block that stores the description of the Pin, find the div with the ID 'description' and create another <a> whose href is the ID of the first <a>, make sure there's '#' before the Unique Field in the href because that means "id" in HTML. <br/> is for line break



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