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How to make chart for survey results



I have a simple table that contains the results from survey and I want to make a chart datapage from it for a presentation.  The problem I am having is that I can seem to plot the values in a chart. 


This is what the table looks like. I know it isn't numerical values but I cant seem to find a way in the datapage wizard to use formulas. I plan on visualizing the popularity of each options (a,b, or c) for each question. 

Any ideas is welcome. Thanks.

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The simplest way I can think of is to create a new table that is chart-able in a sense that it contains numerical results (like the count of each option chosen by your participants) and use Task to insert values to the new table. Here is an sample task that I made based on your screenshot:


The new table in this sample is "Chartstbl". This is, however, assuming that you only need the current values for your presentation. If there will be new records to your Survey table in the future, then you may need to create a Triggered Action instead. This is also assuming that there are only 3 choices as seen in your screenshot (a,b, and c). You will need to create another Insert block for each of the questions. Its kind of a hassle to do that but there is a duplicate function when you right-click on the insert block. That might help a bit.

This is how the new table looks like after running the task.

With this table, you can use QuestionNo as the Category field and the three other columns as the Value fields.

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