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Tabular Report - Show Results of 1 User At A Time



Hello. I am trying to create a tabular report that works a little different than usual.

I am trying to make it so the currently viewed Results page only shows 1 user - clicking on the "right arrow" on top will take you to the next employee, showing all of their related records. 

Something like the image below. Instead of having to use the search form above to change the user, it would be great if I could just set the Dates in the search form and have a place for the user to navigate next employee.

Has anyone set up something similar to this or have any ideas?


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To do this, you'll need to keep the search form on top of the tabular report, and not on separate pages. 

You need to make sure you have the User field set as a dropdown on the search page. Then, you need to add 2 HTML blocks - one before the User field and one After. I selected the "Continue next element on the same line" and got rid of the User field label so that they were all aligned nicely.

For the HTML blocks, add this for the left/previous (i used fontawesome to create left and right arrow icons, you can change out the <i> tags for text if you want):

<button id='previous' onclick="selectPrev()"><i class="fas fa-chevron-circle-left"></i></button>

and this for the right/next:

<button id='next' onclick="selectNext()"><i class="fas fa-chevron-circle-right"></i></button>

Then this little guy in the footer:

function selectNext(){
  var select = document.getElementById('Value7_1');

function selectPrev(){
  var select = document.getElementById('Value7_1');


Also, just to note, clicking on the previous/next buttons seem to submit the search on their own. This is totally fine for my workflow, so I didn't change it and I hid the original "Search" button.




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