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Send Email With Login Instructions



We have a spreadsheet of 1,400 members.

I have imported basic information that we have included in our spreadsheet. Email address, name, phone...

How can I send an email to each member with login instructions?   I see how an account can be created by sending an email. But not how to confirm and update account.







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It will take a couple Data Pages and a couple new fields in your user table.

  1. Confirmation code field
    1. unique is required
    2. random isn't exactly required, but it shouldn't be predictable 
  2. Confirmation status field
    1. i.e. if confirmation_status !== 'confirmed' { do not allow login }
  3. An update Data Page to send the email with a link to the confirmation Data Page, set confirmation status to something like sent or pending, and add a unique value to the confirmation code field.
  4. Another update Data Page where the email will link members to that filters the user table by email and confirms the followed the magic link using the confirmation code. This Data Page would update confirmation status to "confirmed"



Hope this helps

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Hi all,

Just to share this with you, recently, Caspio released a new feature called Directories. Caspio Directories is an enterprise-grade identity and access management service. It allows your app end users to access applications securely in the cloud.

In adding users in Directories, you have an option to force them to change their passwords upon initial login.




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