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Use a datapage with different styles



I know that when you define a datapage you can decide which style has to be used. But it is possible to use the style as parameter?

I use two differen styles: one for display pages and another one to print them, I wish to use the same datapage passing it the style to be used. Obvioulsy it whould be possible to double the datapages, but this mean that for every change one has to remember to modify also its twin page.

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Since Caspio's Styles works similar to a CSS stylesheet, if you can manage to get all classes and elements of the the style that you want to use then I believe you can use them as App Parameters. But the difficult part would be coming up with a script to call that app parameter and apply it to the page first before starting the download/print since you will technically need to refresh the page in order for the styles to apply.

You can also, instead of manually modifying the twin page every single time you updated something on the original, just duplicate the original and change the style so every changes are applied to the twin automatically.

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I agree with Tubby, it would be difficult if it would be coming up with a script to call the app parameter. However, you can have a custom style for each DataPage in the 'Style' tab on your end. In this case, you can use a custom CSS but be aware that it is on your own risk to do so. Here are some of their articles that I read so far:



Cheers! I hope this helps. :D 

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