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Sql statement in a case statement



Hello caspio universe! 

I came across an issue and wanted to see if someone else had figured this out. I'd like to embed SQL select statements within a case statement so that a calculated field can execute a different SQL select statement based on the case conditions. In psuedo code:


When [@Virtualfield1] = 'Option1' then

Select count(Column1) from tbl1 


Select count(Column2) from tbl1


Anyone else find a way to embed a calculation (or SQL statement) within a case statement? My objective here is to run different SQL queries based on the case statement. 

Thanks for your advice!


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Hi @EvSam,

I believe it should work. I have the same workflow with you and I am using this formula:

CASE WHEN [@field:Company] = 'Books'
(SELECT COUNT(Order_Number) FROM Order_Info WHERE Customer_ID = [@field:Customer_ID])
(SELECT COUNT(Phone_Number) FROM Order_Info WHERE Customer_ID = [@field:Customer_ID] AND Phone_Number != ' ')


The fields above are just representation or sample fields that I've used, you can change that depending on what field/s are you using. Also, do you encounter any error in your formula? Do you have matching fields in both tables?

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Hi! I agree with @NailDyanC's answer and just to add if you are using a virtual field, you may add single quote on it to avoid any errors. Just like this '[@Virtualfield1]'. Additionally, here are some links to help you use SQL statements for calculated fields.




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thanks so much for your help! I was encapsulating the statement in single quotes instead of parens and it was just driving me nuts constantly getting an error. I was worried it might be a limitation of the calculated field - thanks the sample code and direction to use parens.

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