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Unique ID composed of other values - Formula field or Trigger?



I want to outomatically number projects upon creation, as follows: YYMM##, with ## being a sequential number that resets for each month. 

So the first project created this month would be 211201.

Having hit a wall with formula field, I have set up a trigger that partially does the job. The trigger is creating YYMM (2112) just fine, but I am struggling to get the sequential number after that.

I imagine a sequential number is not too big a deal, but am I making things too complex by wanting it to reset for each month?

Any tips re the below trigger woud be greatly appreciated. Or a formual field would be even better as it seems less complicated?



Trigger ref_no.PNG

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Hi @biota! You're correct with the fact that resetting the sequence number makes it a little complicated, but you can do it! I attached a copy of my table where I tested this. You can import it to your account to have a look at t he trigger I created :) In my sample, I have a date field where I can determine which records were added at what date (used for making the sequence number). I hope this helps!



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