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Formatting Average in Aggregate Field



I have added averages to my report via the AGGREGATE field. I would like it to only have 2 decimal points (it currently is showing many decimal points). However, I do not see anywhere to modify the formatting for the AVERAGE function. Can someone point me to where I can change the formatting?



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The FORMATTING button is grayed out and is not clickable. I assumed that was normal.

The option to modify the formatting is only clickable if I select FORMULA. But I do not want to use a formula. I want to use the AVERAGE function.

I have looked in the LOCALIZATION and also the STYLES sections to see if there is a way to modify the formatting there for AVERAGES and I do not see where this is possible. Maybe I am missing it?

This feels like it should be easy and I am making it hard. 


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14 minutes ago, Woolf said:

The FORMATTING button is grayed out and is not clickable.

Yeah, I just noticed that. It seems when you include a Formula field and an Integer field together, the formatting field greys out. 

I'm not too sure how else you'd be able to do it, besides typing out the average formula yourself in the Formula section and then formatting it. 

I'll try to play around with it a little. 

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