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Data validation for calculations



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You can achieve this with a bit of JavaScript.


1) On your Submission Form DataPage, go to Configure Fields, add a Header & Footer.

2) Select the Footer, disable the HTML editor and paste the following:



document.addEventListener("BeforeFormSubmit", function(e){
var sum= parseInt(document.getElementById("InsertRecordFD_1").value) + parseInt(document.getElementById("InsertRecordFD_2").value) + parseInt(document.getElementById("InsertRecordFD_3").value);

 if(sum> 100)
alert("Sum of fields should not exceed 100");




How this works is you are prevented from submitting the entry if the sum of the three fields exceed 100.


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May I know where are the results displayed?

I encountered this one before and I am using 4 fields (1 field for sum using Calculated Value element). Those fields are Number data type. I used a CASE WHEN function on my Calculated Value element. Here is the formula I used: 

CASE WHEN ([@field:X] + [@field:Y] + [@field:Z]) <= 100

THEN ([@field:X] + [@field:Y] + [@field:Z])




When the sum exceeds 100, the current value of sum will become 0. I always rely to this Caspio Function Reference when I need to review some functions: https://howto.caspio.com/function-reference/

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Thanks to both of you for taking the time to address my question.  Futurist your script works the way I needed it to so thank you. 

trickson I hadn't heard of CASE WHEN before but now seeing what it can do you have helped me solve another problem I was having difficulty with.

Thanks to both of you again.


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