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Issue importing products into online store app



I am currently using the test online store app but have come across an issue when trying to import the products file into the ECM_Item table. In my import file I am leaving both the ID and Rand_ID columns blank as these are autonumber and RandomID respectively. However, the step before import shows both these columns as Text (255) and when I import I get an error message stating that the Field_ID is blank. It then  created a new category table but with list form your demo store.


Any ideas?


Many thanks

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2 hours ago, MattRippon said:

Hi, please see attached


Have you tried deleting the ID rows on your import files before you import them?

I believe the upload system is thinking that you are setting the ID fields to the imported records as null or blank, which is against the rules for Random ID/Unique values. 

Try deleting these columns completely when you import your records, and the ID fields should automatically get a value in the Caspio table.

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Yep, I used the Append option to do this. The table i wanted updating has worked fine, its just the additional duplicate tables being created. 

For this project i am using a  trial account and have duplicated the online strore for the structure but didn't copy the data.

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