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Custom Back button on Details DataPage that goes back to the search form





I'm using a Details DataPage with a search form and I'm aware that there is a 'Search Again' link that takes me back to the search form, but can I instead have a Back button beside the Update button that essentially behaves the same way as the 'Search Again' link?



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You can try doing the following steps:

1. Add an HTML block, disable the HTML editor, and add the following:
<input name="BackButton" id="BackButtonID" value="Back" class="cbUpdateButton">


2. Add a Header & Footer. Select the Footer, disable HTML editor, and paste the following:


var element = document.getElementById("BackButtonID");
element.onclick = function(event) {

location.href = document.querySelector("a[data-cb-name='SearchAgainButton']").href;


What this does is create a function for the custom button so that when it is clicked, it takes you back to the href value of the 'Search Again' button. 

You can also hide the 'Search Again' field if you want, by using the following CSS:



visibility: hidden;



Sample DP: https://c1hch576.caspio.com/dp/db26a00071004f6ee7ef445db600



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