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Form fields single row: continue same line but still wrap?



Would like a form to have all fields on same row, and Continue Next Element on Same Line works too well.  Some of the fields are cascading dropdowns with some longer inut, so as fields get entered will push end fields off screen to the right as expected as its honoring the Continue Next Element on Same Line command.  I would like them all to continue same line UNTIL they run out of room, then wrap.  

Interestingly it can do this on smaller screen sizes - if you drag windows smaller it will evenetually revert to stacked single fields.  But you have to resize window almost 50% until this happens.

Would like Continue Next Element on Same Line as long as it can responsively, then wrap.



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Hi there!

If I understood you correctly, to make form elements to wrap when they running out of space, you could add next CSS code snippet into the header of your form DataPage



section[class*="cbFormSection"] div.cbFormNestedTableContainer {
display: flex; flex-wrap: wrap;


Let me know if this helped.

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