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Why wont excel properly sort timestamp?



Greetings all.

I have a DP and table that has both a timestamp field for when a record created and on the DP a text/calendar popup field user selects date they make the entry.

When I export this data to Excel, excel never sorts it correctly, even after making sure its set to a date format.

On the DP I have the calendar popup field set to  the On Load receive to [cbtimestamp*] so it defaults to that day.  Possibly not the best approach?

Regardless, when exported to Excel those columns never sort correctly by date:

What am I missing?  Thank you, as always!





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When exporting as Excel, date/time fields are exported as "Text" which is why they sort according to "Text" not their actual value.



You will need to add a second column in Excel to convert the "Text" date to a value Excel can interpret as a Date/Time.

I think I tested enough string length combinations for this code to make that conversion:

=DATEVALUE(LEFT(yourcell,FIND(" ",yourcell,1)))+TIMEVALUE(MID(yourcell,FIND(" ",yourcell,1),11))




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I did something similar to ChristianM's solution.  In Excel is split time/date cell (12/31/2022 11:58:46 PM) into 2 columns - leaving just date12/31/2022 in first column and 11:58:46 PM in new column.  Then I just deleted the time column altogether.

THEN applied  =DATEVALUE(cell range) to the dates.

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