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Want to make a scheduling task.



I want to create a task in which I can schedule team member in advance.

For eg: John schedule is M,T,W,T,F

                  Ravi schedule is W,T,F,S,S

                    Dane has T,W,T,F (8 HOURS EACH DAY)

Now if i need to schedule TM for tuesday , a week advance how should I build the task.

Also, I have two table - one for their leaves/vacations and other is master data which contain their schedule.  If the person has already registered for vacation, his name should not be included in list.


I have attached the sample data

sample data.xml

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So, the goal of the Task would be to automatically schedule a team meeting and the only person included to that meeting would be the people who are not on leave? Task is catered to workflow that have a lot of repeating or recurring event's you would need to have specific day when the Task will run and that means you should have a specific day for the meeting (is it every tuesday? weekly? monthly? etc.). 

If you have a flexible schedule for your meetings it would probably best to create a submission page where you can create a meeting schedule with the time and date and that will trigger a triggered action that will filter/sort your employees based on the scheduled date and the date that they are on a leave. After that you can send emails to the recipients just to notify them that they are invited to a meeting.

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Hey @Wikiwi yes that the flow I need to make. Thanks for this. Also, the schedule of the employees is on the basis of days and I want to schedule according to date. For eg: i want to schedule for 20-May-2022 and it should trigger that employee available on that day should get schedule. Can you help me in building tasks.

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