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Adding a button to hide fields



Hi everyone 

I know how to hide fields and whole sections on an insert record or update record data page. And I know how to do this based on answers given earlier in the data page.

However I want to add a button that hides - or reveals - a whole section. So for example I could have a heading that says “advanced options” - and a little triangle button that you can click on to hide or reveal the content, and where the triangle points to the right when the content is hidden and points down the content is revealed.

Doesn’t have to be a triangle that moves necessarily - but I’m after something a bit more engaging to the user than having to click a check box or radio button to show additional content.

does anyone have any ideas?

many thanks!


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There use to be a Caspio HowTo article on this, but for some reason they removed it.

You can find the code used for this from my answer on this forum post:


Also, here is the YouTube video that went along with the now-deleted Collapsible Section article, it is still useful.



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