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graphic in header with conditional logic



I have a table of docents who are in one of two programs (art or garden). The docent logs in with authentication. After logging in, the docent sees a tabular report of all lessons they have signed up to teach. Is it possible to customize the header with javascript so it contains the graphic (logo) specific to the art or garden program?

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Hello @lamarh,

You may test the following steps:

1) Add the field with the File data type to the table that is used for Authentication.

For example:



2) In the DataPage Header add the image and select the File field (the 'user_image' field in my example) from the Authentication parameters as URL:



3) The parameter can be added as a string, so please add the '/' sign after the parameter name manually to render it as a File URL. 

You may want to check this article https://howto.caspio.com/parameters/displaying-parameters/

Also, you may specify the image width, height, etc.


As a result, you will receive the dynamic image that depends on the person logged in to the DataPage.

Hope this helps. 

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