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I hope this makes sense to y'all.

I am creating a form that allocates a donation to a purpose. I have a donation log table that allows me to enter donations. I have an associated table that lists the types of purposes (Membership, Partner, In-Kind, etc.) with a separate field for the amount required (if there is actually a required amount).  I want the form to allow the user to see donation types available and the required amounts for each when they choose the purpose.  For example, the person donated $50.00.  I should be able to see each type of membership and required donation amounts for each when I allocate the donation for a purpose.   I can see how to create the dropdown with lookup for the types of donations -- but how do I display the minimum donation required required as well as the type? (Note that there are many times when the amount donated  is more than the required amount, so I cannot match the required amount in a cascading dropdown.)

In Donation Log Table: DonationPurposeID

In Donation Type Table:

-- DonationTypeID (PK to DonationPurposeID)

--DonationTypes (Names of types of donations - Membership, Patron, etc.))


I separated the tables because we need to be able to change amounts required over time. But it is nice to be able to see the amount required when I allocate a donation type.


Any help in hopw to do this would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi @nlachance -  As you have a look-up table for Donation and dropdown already configured, if you want to also show the minimum and type... you can use Cascading Elements.  Cascading elements can help your end user quickly refine their input while filling out fields in submission and search forms.

For reference, you may check these links:


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This does not work as often the amount donated does not match the amount given.  It may help to connect the two, but it is not an exact science. That is why I would like a pop-up or something with the table that would just inform the user, but not automatically associate the amount given with a type.

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