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Popup's & Parameters



I am putting a link into a HTML block within a datapage. I want to pass a parameter into another datapage. If I link it to my webiste that has the datapage embedded into it then it works, the parameter passes. The problem is if I link it using a popup window directly to caspio the parameter is not passed into the datapage. Here is an example of my link:


The reason I am using this type of link is I want control over the size of the popup window.

The only solution I could think of was to create a webpage that was the same size as my datapage and link it to that. That seems like extra work that shouldn't be needed.

Any ideas?

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There should not be an issue with doing this. From the code giving the syntax might not be correct. In your href attribute you have two questions marks the second question mark should be an ampersand instead.

*This might not fix your issue but its worth a try.

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Hello - If you have a modal and Form Elements that are not showing such as AutoComplete, Dropdowns, and Date Pickers, you can use a custom CSS to show these elements in front of the modal.

Insert this code in the Header of the DataPage.


z-index:4 !important;
.modal {
z-index: 5 !important;
z-index: 3 !important;



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