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combo box - wish list item?



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I ended up making a lookup table from which to draw my prefab list.

All I need for this particular one is to know how to enter a value not included on the prefab list.

here's the url:


This is a page that we will point our candidates to so that they can enter their information. It will not be publicizecd to our general readership.

Mulitple selections from the same list would be handy in other datapages, however.

Thanks in advance,


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Okay here we go!

You will be editing the section where you have configured this form. If you do not have a header/footer section you will need.

This code goes in the footer

function changeInputType(oldObject, oType) {

var newObject = document.createElement('input');

newObject.type = oType;

if(oldObject.size) newObject.size = oldObject.size;

if(oldObject.value) newObject.value = oldObject.value;

if(oldObject.name) newObject.name = oldObject.name;

if(oldObject.id) newObject.id = oldObject.id;

if(oldObject.className) newObject.className = oldObject.className;


return newObject;


You will need advanced options turned on.

Below your drop down you have configured do the following:

Add a new virtual field

Remove the label

Set the form element to display only

Render value as HTML

Check the box enable all html tags

Click the advanced tab

Enable assign static text radio button

and put this code in it

 Enter selection

test it out :)

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Followed your instructions. There is a link on the page now, just below my dropdown list, which says \"Enter Selection.\" Clicking on it doesn't result in any action.

I doubled checked and I am certain that I followed your steps, but perhaps I missed something.


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