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Creating and displaying one-to-many relationships



I'm building an application that requires a one-to-many relationship, and I cannot figure out how to accomplish this.

I have two tables - one with product information and the other with comments. Users are able to add comments to a product record (many comments to one product).

On a search & report datapage, I'd want to show product detail AND its associated comments. If possible, I don't want users to have to click through to another datapage to see the comments - I want the product details and comments to appear together.

I've tried \"views\" (using both tables) , but this only displays product records when there's also an associated comment. I need to be able to show all products whether or not there's a comment.

Any and all help is much appreciated!

Steve D.

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Hi! Another option, although not what @sdowney wants, is deploying two DataPages on one page. For example, the search and report form specifically shows the initial information about a record like a record ID or Name or just any distinction. Then we can have a "details" link wherein complete details from table 1 and table 2 can be found on one page. I hope this gives an idea to anyone trying to do the same thing :) 


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