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Cascading list/dropboxes changes functionality - solution?



One of the nice things about having a listbox (with a linked lookup table) in an entry form is that a person can enter the first few letters of a street, for example, and the right street name will pop in.

Best I can tell, cascading listboxes or dropboxes kill this little feature. If you type P-I-T, the letters P then I then T will appear (each replacing the other letter) -- instead of the word Pitt, for example.

I know this may seem minor, but one of the points to having a listbox is to cut down on errors in spelling. (And having a cascading list means a few hundred names load instead of +10,000.) Having to manually make the selection (moving the mouse to the list) is annoying.

I've tried Explorer 6 (pc), Safari 3.0 (mac), Firefox 3.0 (pc and mac) -- and they all seem to have the same issue.

Am I doing something wrong? Are there workarounds?



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Hi Richard,

What you are saying is something similar to what Yahoo has in the search box where you type in letters and the right choices popup for you to select. In Caspio Bridge listboxes and dropdowns are different as you need to type in letters fast enough to get to the right one however Caspio has a customized textbox called auto complete textbox which works similiar to what explained earlier in Yahoo, you might want to contact Caspio Support to get a quote for that.



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