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Listbox multi-select complications



Hi, I followed the directions on the caspio javascript solutions page to enable multi-select on a listbox on a web form. When I go to the new page, I am indeed able to select more than one item.

This page is a form that passes parameters to a search page (with pre-determined criteria).

The problem is that the multi-selected fields return no matches on the results page. (Essentially, an individual is selected multiple counties to get the data for those two counties).

I have the search form set to accept the parameters, with the match as \"contains.\"

Any suggestions?



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Hi Richard,

That does not work because when you have multi-select listbox in a web form it does concatenate selected listbox options separated with \",\" so actually it passes i.e. county1,county2

however in the search and report where you ste it to receive parameter it receives it as county1,county2 but in the table you have each county stored in a separate record and that is why it can not find it.

This could only be done if you have stored the data in the table like county1,county2,...

or if you have regular search and report with search form rather than a web form as a search form.


Bahar. M

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