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caspio and access



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Your Caspio Bridge deployed applications can be shared or accessed by an unlimited number of end-users, using any browser, on any platform or operating system. Apps can even be accessed from a mobile phone!

Additionally, you can:

* Set up unlimited authenticated users for password protected apps

* Protect your apps with the free SSL option

* Block access by specifying IP addresses

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Just want to update this post and add some additional information to the previous comment above, unfortunately, you cannot log in to Caspio using MS Access. However, you can import your Data in MS access to Caspio.  You can check this link for reference: https://howto.caspio.com/tables-and-views/importing-data/

You need to go to: https://id.caspio.com/login for you to login to your Caspio Bridge account.


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Hi there! Just wanted to add another idea since I'm not quite sure if you just wanted to login to caspio using ms access or access your caspio tables from ms access. If in any case you want to do the latter one, I can suggest using caspio's ms plugin, then you can go from there. Basically, with the plugin you can open your tables and edit them. You may refer to the following links for more information:



Hope this helps!



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Hi All, 

Just want to let you know that MS Access will be deprecated. If you have an existing Data Import/Export task, the used MS Access will continue to function until April 1, 2024. We strongly recommend updating your scheduled import/export tasks that use MS Access before this date to avoid interruption to your applications. Refer to the article 

https://howto.caspio.com/release-notes/caspio-42-0/caspio-42-0/#:~:text=about Logs.-,Deprecations,-We have recently


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