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Problem with Image not showing (Caspio Bridge Error)



The Set up:

  • I have an Icon_table (IconID, IconName, Icon) where I store all of my icons used through out my application for consistancy and in case I need or want to change them out
  • I have an A1CLog table (A1CID, A1CDate, A1C, A1CIconID)
  • The A1CIconID is a formula field that is calculated based on the value of the A1C within the A1CLog table and then joined to the Icon_table in the A1CLog_Icon View. The view has ben verified and returns the filename (just like the Icon_table displays).
  • The view (A1CLog_Icon View) has been successfully used in a Report and Add data page, both showing the appropriate icon. (YEAH!)

The Problem:

  • In a List page, when I go to use the icon field (Icon_table_Icon) from the view) in the Header, HTML, or the body of the page, I receive a Caspio Bridge Error. So I started to try every thing. Every combination I could think of... In the body of the page, I finally got around the error by setting the Field Option of the Icon_table_Icon to File and the output results were:

image.png.f02bd291e62d25402a48f729da635a49.png So I know there is data, and I know it is getting to the page.

I am having the same problem when using a Details page. I have read everything I could find on images.

Has anyone encountered this before?



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I figured it out. 

If you have a Formula field in your table that calculates the correct icon to use based on a value the user enters two things happen (or in this case don't happen).

  1. You can not relate another table to the formula field, even if both fields are integer. (A1CLog ==> Icon_table)
  2. When the two tables are used in a view, and the tables are joined, the icon (a field in the child table: Icon_table) when tried, is not rendered in any of the data pages.
  3. When the IconID is assigned as a regular field in the primary table (A1CLog) the join in the view to the Icon_table works and the icon displays
  4. When the IconID is assigned as a formula derived field in the primary table, the join in the view to the Icon_table does NOT work and the Caspio error 1 is issued.

Why is this a problem?

  1. I am using a Report/Chart page with the capability to Add inline, Modify and Delete. The user only needs to add three fields. And then I need one calculated field based on a field they entered.
  2. In an Inline Add, although you can have a calculated field (Virtual1) ... you cannot calculate a field (A1CLog_A1C_IconID), hence why I was using a formula field in the table. Also, You cannot hide a field.

I am sooooooooo frustrated. They said that this was a no code development environment, but it seems I spend all my time searching for solutions and coding.

Any ideas how to approach this?

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