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Single use username and password



Hi all,

I am trying to use web user authenticate to restrict access to a free section of my website. However, it order to prevent usernames and passwords to be shared among users I would like to limit the use of these login information to a single use.

What I would like to do is create a Free Username and Password table with an extra Yes/No field of 'Available To Use', which will default to "Yes". Once the user uses that username and password combination in the login page the 'Available To Use' field will be updated to "No" and that combination will no longer be valid. Is there a way for me to make that update through the Web User Authentication login form? Or is there another way I can accomplish this?

Thank you in advance for your help,


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Hello Henry,

Why don't you create a unique username and password for each user? You can have a Users table containing username/passwords for as many users as you have and enable authentication based on this table so each user needs to enter his/her unique username/pass to access the database (Search/Report) or any other types of Caspio DataPage.


Bahar M.

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Hi @Yimister,

To restrict the user to access the account multiple times, you may use view and auto submit or update values on the table:

1. You will  create a view where it will filter the record based on the timestamp, criteria timestamp should be blank or timestamp is equal to current date.
2. Use the view as the data source of the authentication
3. Use the authentication to the DataPage
4. Create auto sumit/update record use the table for this one. 


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