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Can users enter data while I am editing a data page?



Newbie here: apologies if this has been covered but I couldn't find it in the archives. It is probably too obvious!

I have deployed a couple of data pages to capture info from users -- they seem to work perfectly and everyone is delighted except that one user reported some transactions she entered were not saved. And indeed, they are definitely not in the relevant table now.

It turns out I was in the account editing a different data page during the period these transactions were entered, so I assume this may be the problem -- I was tinkering with the back end and maybe this put the entire database on hold.

Basically, my question is do I just need to be more careful to deactivate forms while working to make sure people do not add  data to an 'unfinished' view, or is there something else potentially going on that I should look into?

Typing it out, it seems pretty obvious that I probably just need to not let people add data while I'm editing, but if there are other possible issues to be aware of, I would be grateful to hear about them. Thank you! 

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Hiyaa @aettien (。^ ᴗ^)ノ

I would definitely suggest disabling/un-deploying a DataPage first before making any changes to it. This will definitely avoid similar problems and will also help you avoid confrontations with users about how the forms look different at this time and at this time (⊙⊙)(☉_☉)(⊙⊙)

PLUS you don't have to worry about going to your web page and fixing the deployment code again since the code stays the same even after deploying and un-deploying <3 

I hope I was able to give you insights although you already thought of this option :D 

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Hi @aettien,

If you are reconfiguring live DataPages, it is best to disable the DataPages' deployment status so that the people won't be able to add data. Once you are done editing, just enable it again. If you do not want to disable the deployment status, you can try reconfiguring the DataPages at midnight to avoid website traffic.

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