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I'm interested in using the Caspio Google maps mashup but the current javascript file will not work for what I need.

Because the LatLng coordinates I need to map are in a remote community and have never been geocoded if I try to reverse geocode them they just find the nearest geocoded location.

I've been trying my best to write my own code so that the points are markered with just the latlng coordinates and not geocoded but I'm not having any luck getting it to work.

My ideal solution would be to just edit the current .js file to remove the geocoding.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Hi Travis,

The map mashup works in two ways, either your data contain the location Address or the Latitude/Longitude of the location.

Then you can use the Caspio map mash-up code to integrate with either Yahoo or Google map. Please see the step by step instruction at http://www.caspio.com/support/mashups/m ... ion-v4.asp

In the case your data contains Latitude/Longitude, you can follow the solution provided in the Bridge How To section, and read the post "How to use geocodes instead of address in map mash-up?"

Here is the direct link viewtopic.php?f=13&t=5641


Bahar M.

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Hi bahar,

Thanks for your reply.

I tried to view the post you referred to but it says I'm not authorized. Either way I think I know what your trying to say.

Unfortunately using the method of just submitting the Lat and Long coordinates instead of an address will not work for the locations I`m trying to plot. For many places in the world this would not be a problem because google`s geocoding service would find an address for the corresponding lat/lng coordinates.

In my case I"m trying to plot markers that have no cooresponding address for the lat/lng I provide. What ends up happening is google's geocode service responds with the nearest geocoded location. When I'm trying to place a marker on a building and it ends up placing it 2 blocks away it kind of defeats the purpose.

Because you may have never encountered this problem, it may sound weird but that's what happens. It's also possible that this is common when using Caspio's map mashup to plot locations in areas that use PO boxes instead of mailing addresses.

I can only think of 2 possible solutions but I'm not sure yet how to get them to work.

One is to edit the Caspio js file so that it just plots the GLatLng coordinates without submitting them to google's Geocoding service (GClientGeocoder) but I haven't managed to get this to work.

The other would be if I could submit the Geocode locations to google and then call them. Not sure if this is possible and it would take more work.

I think if anyone has a solution for me they would have to be quite familiar with Google maps API and Javascript.

Thanks again.


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I realize this is an old post but I stumbled across this same problem again and there is a solution.  If you are using ver 4 of the map mashup, then replace this line of code:  

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://lib.caspio.com/pub/mashup/caspio_mashupsv4_jq.js"></script>

with this line of code:

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://lib.caspio.com/pub/mashup/caspio_mashupsv4_jq_g.js"></script>

Doing so solved my problem of lat/longs plotting to the nearest street address rather than at the exact lat/long point.  This information can be found at:


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Hi, also just to add an additional information, Google now restricts the rate which non-geocoded addresses can be plotted on a map (approximately 10 addresses per second). And, Google API key needs to have a billing enabled (though you will not be charged) to fully access the Geocoding API that you will place in the map. You also need to enable this two:

1. Geocoding API 

2. Maps Javascript API

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This is an old post but I am looking for a similar solution but Map mashup seems to be deprecated.

I have a list of Growers in Remote South pacific with farm plots.

The grower table has a related plot table.

The verticies of these plots have been geolocated using an offline GPS app and I have the CSV file uploaded to a new table - plot vertices, which is now related to the Farm plot table 

The structe is 

PLot number 

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Plot number      vertice  Point

VOCI1112 -1       a            -14.96796, 168.0675

VOCI1112 -1      b

VOCI1112-1       c

VOCI1112-1       d

etc the I am tryong to get caspio to create a polygon around the verticies -  and update that into the plot table.


I have the following example of Javascript from google - I assume I can use and pass the point field as a paramter into the path const below?

I expect I could use a triggered action for this however triggers dont work on data uploading.


Any ideas?

// This example creates a simple polygon representing the Bermuda Triangle.

function initMap(): void {
  const map = new google.maps.Map(
    document.getElementById("map") as HTMLElement,
      zoom: 5,
      center: { lat: 24.886, lng: -70.268 },
      mapTypeId: "terrain",

  // Define the LatLng coordinates for the polygon's path.
  const triangleCoords = [
    { lat: 25.774, lng: -80.19 },
    { lat: 18.466, lng: -66.118 },
    { lat: 32.321, lng: -64.757 },
    { lat: 25.774, lng: -80.19 },

  // Construct the polygon.
  const bermudaTriangle = new google.maps.Polygon({
    paths: triangleCoords,
    strokeColor: "#FF0000",
    strokeOpacity: 0.8,
    strokeWeight: 2,
    fillColor: "#FF0000",
    fillOpacity: 0.35,


declare global {
  interface Window {
    initMap: () => void;
window.initMap = initMap;




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