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Javascript to limit the text field input

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Hello everybody,

I have a field in the datapage that accepts upto 2 characters. i want to limit the input entered to <=25. Any idea how do i do that. I know i have to write some kinda javascript.

Here's the datapage:


Field name is Total no. of students taught each day:

the user input should not exceed 25.

Please help.. :(

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If I have understood your question correctly, before submitting the form, you want to check whether the field has value less than 25 or not.

You are right that you need a JavaScript for this.

a hint:

var student = getElementById("InsertRecordfieldname");

var student_num = parsefloat(student.value);


alert("Student number cant be more than 25");

There is another possible solution for this. If it is possible to have a range instead of exact number, you can have a range dropdown for this.

So you can have custom values:

Display Value

0-5 5

5-10 10




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