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Import XML Output Files into Database



I am trying to create a searchable database that imports data in xml. There are 12 different fields I'm attempting to capture. I clicked on "Import Data" and "custom xml". I then uploaded a xml file containing data fields all of which I do not need.

More than 16 tables were then created. I then attempted to create a datapage and I am only permitted to select 1 table when there are 12 tables I need to pull data from. How can I do this?

My goal is to make the fields in the xml searchable in a datapage. Please help.

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You need to have only one table but not 12 tables. One table which contains 12 fields, then you can create a Search and Report against the table.

So when importing your file to Caspio you need to make sure the XML file has 12 fields along with the data so while importing it creates only one table with 12 fields.

Or if it is just the table structure that you might want to create, start creating a new table using the "New" button and define your fields and data types.


Bahar M.

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I know this may be a little too late but in case someone needs a similar help like dawsonpick here, I would like to suggest to make sure that when importing, the table should correspond a format that is similar to what Access or Excel spreadsheet looks like. In this case, compatibility issues will not be an issue. Importing is easy in Caspio, but you also need to make sure that the data that you are importing is good before it is imported because sometimes, there are issues that starts with the previous data that was imported into the tables and may get your application workflow into a roadblock. 

Here's a helpful link: Importing Data - Caspio Online Help

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