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Agreement check box

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You can simply add this code to a HTML block. It will create a check box and a continue button to let users continue.

function f_boxcheck()




}else {document.getElementById("mybutton").disabled=true;}





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I have a simpler solution which does not need a Java Script.

You can use a Caspio Yes/No or Text255 field, add this field into your Web Form and move it down to the end of the elements list (or anywhere in the list that you want the check box to be displayed). Then choose "Checkbox" for the form element, and

make it a required field by checking "Required" box.

Insert an HTML block right after the checkbox field. Put in your terms and conditions text inside the HTML block and in order to have the text appear right after the checkbox you can highlight the checkbox field and go to the Advanced tab (Enable Advanced Options from the first wizard screen) and enable "Next Element inline" option.


Bahar M

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