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Calculating days between two events/submissions in Report



I have a table for Case Notes/Incidents, and I need to somehow build a report that includes a calculation for the days between the last /previous casenote/incident and the subsequent casenote/incident. Do I need to add a field in the table which I will then create a calculation for in the datapage report?

What would a calculation like this potentially look like? I would think it would use the Datediff, but I do not know how to identify the two different Note dates in the calculation. 

Datediff(day, [@field:Note_Dt1],[@field:Note_Dt2])???

Thank you!

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Hi @AGRAY23!

If you need to save the date difference value, you can add a field to your table that will hold the values. You can use the Formula datatype for that. 

-> https://howto.caspio.com/tables-and-views/data-types/formula-fields/

If you don't need to save the value and it's just for showing it on the report, you can skip creating a field on your table and just use Calculated Field instead.

-> https://howto.caspio.com/datapages/reports/advanced-reporting/calculations-in-forms-and-reports/

As for your calculation, looks like you are on the right track! Caspio's Function Reference article shows the same:

DateDiff(datepart, startdate, enddate)

I hope my answer helps!


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