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Notification Email Question




From a details page, is it possible to allow the user to enter an email address and pass that info into Caspio as the "To" address? When the Update button is clicked the Notifcation email is sent to the new address as opposed to the configued email address.

I've read the info on how to configure Notification emails but wondered if the above can be implemented so that any user can send an email to a different email address each time they are at the details page.



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Hi Rick,

What you requested is definitely doable in Caspio. You can use the details page as an update form. Go ahead to edit your Datapage and go to "configure details page fields" screen. By default, all listed fields are using form element - "display only". Highlight the email field, and change it to any other options, for example, a regular text field, will enable user update on details page. Click "next", you will see the "details page options" screen, where you can enable acknowledgement and/or notification emails.

If you just wanted your users to type in a recipient each time but don't need to save the changes in your table, you can insert a virtual field in the details page and use that field to take in user input and work as the 'email field' in acknowledgement email.

Hope this helps.

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Just an update: You could use Virtual Field instead and have it as Calculated Value. You can insert the email address in the Virtual Field and set it to the "To" Address. For more information about Virtual Field and Calculated Value, check it here:


I hope it helps!

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