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Virtual Field and Parameter Passing




I hope someone can look at what I'm doing and see where I'm having an issue.

I have a virtual field (Virtual3) set up to receive a value upon load. [@authfield:Instructor_Email] The email address in the database record for Instructor_Email is displayed in a text field. This part is working fine.

I want the user to be able to type in a different email address if they want to send an email somewhere else than what the Instructor_Email is set to. They type in a new email address and then click an icon to send an email. The typed in email address is used instead of the email address (Instructor_Email) from the database record.

Here is the script code I'm using to call an html page and pass some parameters in the query string.

function sendEmail()


window.location = "http://www.weight-ejournal.com/sending_email.htm?Date=[@field:Date]&User_ID=[@field:User_ID]&Email=[@cbParamVirtual3]"



If the user types in an email address into Virtual3 field overlaying the Instructor_Email value, that new email address is not getting picked up and passed in the Email parameter.

Can anyone see why?



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