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Adding 30 days to a timestamp field



I am attempting to insert a new date based on a timestamp field in my datapage. I have an active_date field and a deactive_field. When a user updates a record, I would like 30 days added to the date in the active_date field and store the results in the deactive_field. I had the following code developed, but it doesn't work properly. Any suggestions? FYI, the code is placed in the footer of the datapage.

function getDiff()


var v_sDate = document.getElementByName("EditRecordActivation_Date").value;

var sDate = new Date(v_sDate);

// converting the date in milliseconds

var milliSeconds = sDate.UTC();

// adding 30 days to the date

milliSeconds = milliSeconds + 2592000000;

// converting milliseconds back to date format

var dDate = new Date ( milliSeconds );

// converting date to string

finalDate = dDate.toDateString();

// storing the value in Deactivation_Date field



/* On submitting the webform, the function getDiff is executed */


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Not sure why you are calling the element by name rather than id. If you post the URL in here, I can better help with troubleshooting.

Currently the syntax error is very obvious where you have:





Best practice if the Activation Date field is a text field:


Another question, is the Activation Date field a Timestamp? If so you can simply get the value of it by calling the timestamp parameter as:

var v_sDate = '[@cb:Timestamp]';

The next part of your code which does the milliseconds conversion I am not sure if is correct or not. There is again a better way of day conversion by setDate Java Script function. Here is an example http://www.w3schools.com/js/js_obj_date.asp, see the set date section which has an example like:

var myDate=new Date();


It simply adds 5 days to your date.

Hope this helps.


Bahar M.

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First, Bahar, thanks for taking the time to review and respond to my issue. I am not a JS programmer, so this is very new to me. I paid someone to do this code, and this was what they provided. I researched the topics you mentioned, and tried to incorporate them on my own to no avail.

The app key is 832d1000721e233811cd46639add; however, I became so frustrated, I removed the code completely, and thought I would rework the date situation in FileMaker, in which I am highly proficient, as it would take me all of two seconds to construct a formula to update the deactivation_date automatically. Although this is not a solution I would prefer to use, as it will take away from the seamlessness of working with one application, it seems I may have no other alternative.

As a programmer, what I am seeking is not complicated at all, but when you don't know the syntax, it becomes challenging. Caspio wants to charge me $150.00 to provide the code, which I think is outrageous because I am not asking them to develop an application, but to help with what I think should be two or three lines of code.

In any event, I will review what you posted, and try my hands at it again, from your perspective.

Again, thank you for your support.

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Hi there, I know it's been a little late but I just wanted to share that we can now add certain days in a formula. You can try this formula: 

DateAdd(day, 30, [@field:date])

Then, it will now indicate the number of days that you inserted inside your formula. As you can see on my end, this is what it looks like: image.png.7fe8738c9a1fe3f02316d728d3150207.png

The Date add is the calculated field. The date from 6/1/2021 adds 30 days that is why it displays the 7/01/2021 date. image.png.22ce9f135f374b56a3602e1bf4333219.png

I hope this helps! cheers! :D 

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