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Caspio Directories Logging In/Out



Hi All,

I am using Caspio Directories and have 2 groups setup based on a field in a user table.

The groups represent "All Employees" and "Smaller Subset of Employees".

I have 2 datapages, one that can be accessed by "All Employees" and one that can only be accessed by "Smaller Subset of Employees".

I've noticed an issue where the Smaller Subset of Employees are being asked to login to the Smaller Subset of Employees only Datapage. Then, when they access the "All Employees Datapage", they are being asked to login again which effectively logs them out of their access to the Smaller Subset of Employees only Datapage. So anytime a user switches between datapages (which happens frequently), they have to spend more time logging in and out. This also kicks them out if they were doing any data updates.

Any ideas how to fix this other than creating a duplicate datapage for each access group??



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Hello @kcastagnaro, @ChristianM,

When Authentication is built using the 'Standard table or view' method, in the Advanced Setting there is the 'Enable cross-app login' option.
 WY30d4u.png kDfrpun.png

This option allows logging in once, so the user has access to all the DataPages protected by the Authentications that refer to the same Authentication data source.

As for the 'Directory' method, the 'Enable cross-app login' option is absent for it. 

I contacted Caspio support and they said that this feature is considered by the Product team. Hopefully, it will be added in the future. 

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Hello @ChristianM,

Could you provide more details to understand the case better?

1) Do you have 1 Directory or 2 Directories? 

2) Do you use Groups under the Directories or do you filter users in a View?

3) Do users log in twice by adding credentials or do they just need to click the Login button on the second DataPage?

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Hey there! Caspio releases new enhancements to the Caspio Directories feature, check this out: 

  • Page redirection options for sign-in and sign-out.
  • Single logout (SLO) from third-party connected apps, so users are automatically logged out from the directory when logging out from a connected app.
  • Ability to display a custom background image on the sign-in page, providing you with another way to customize your app’s login experience.

Source: https://howto.caspio.com/release-notes/caspio-43-0/#:~:text=Enhancements to Caspio Directories

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I have the same problem. Has anyone resolved this?


I just switched from user table to directory. I have 1 directory and multiple authentications linked to that directory and multiple views. Anytime a user goes to a new page with a different authentication, they have to click a login button before the page will load.

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Thanks @CoopperBackpack for the response! Like @kcastagnaro said, we cannot currently use Directories for Authentication and have Cross-App Login.

Due to federal requirements we have had to implement Directories for 2FA support.

I sure hope the Product team adds this critical functionality. The current alternative of building duplicate data pages with different authentications is time-consuming and difficult to manage updates.

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