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Can someone point me in the right direction to accomplish this.

We are using directories for provisioning. We have a global data table that contains all of our clients data. We need to be able to configure each user in directories to a specific client (client have multiple users) so that when they login to view the global data table they only see the client data they are provisioned for. I know this can be accomplished by added a free text field for "client name" and ensure "client name" is a value in the global data table. However, free texting is error prone. I would like to have a "client name" drop down in the directories that is sourced from a client list table. 

I am open to any other way to accomplish this. I was thinking Directories>Groups might do this but I have had no luck. Thank you in advance. 

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Hello @ccxc007,

First of all, since each user is connected to 1 client, the correct approach is to create relationships between the tables.

It is not a good approach to store the "client name" even if it is listed in the table. You need to store some ID value instead.

1) Let`s say here is the table to store info about clients. In my example, its name is "Global_Clients":


2) The Directory is actually a table too. In the Directory table, you need to add a field to store the assigned client.

You need to select the correct data type for this field. It must Integer if the ID in the "Global_Clients" table is an Autonumber. Or it must be Text(255) if the ID in the "Global_Clients" table is GUID, Random ID, or Prefixed Autonumber https://howto.caspio.com/tables-and-views/relationships/database-relationships/

This is the example:



3) Under the Relationships you need to connect these 2 tables and select a user-friendly value in the 'Display Value' dropdown https://howto.caspio.com/tables-and-views/relationships/relationship-settings/

In my example, it is the 'FullName " field.


4) When the fields are connected under the Relationships, you will be able to see the list of values in the 'assigned_client' field under the Directories.

It is visible when you edit the user info. In my example, it is a list of full names from the "Global_Clients" table. If you don`t select any value in the 'Display Value' dropdown in the Relationships settings, you will see the list of IDs.


5) An alternative option to assign a client is to create a Report DataPage based on the Directory table (the "All_users_dir" table in my example), enable any edition option(s) (Inline edit, Grid edit, Bulk Edit), and assign clients there:





6) Then you can use the Record Level Security option to restrict access to the records https://howto.caspio.com/authentications-and-connections/authentication/record-level-security/record-level-security/

For example, this is the Report DataPage authenticated by the Directory. Its data source is the "Global_Clients" table.

Under the RLS, we need to match the client ID from the "Global_Clients" table and the client ID stored in the "All_users_dir" table (Directory).


As a result, the logged-in user can only see info about the assigned client.


Hope this answers your question. 

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