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Forms, datapages - Embed or IFrame on Blackberrys? Any luck



Cell phone optimized Website at 320px wide.

Works great on my cheap Nokia C3-00 even a Google mashup (well until the little Nokia runs out of memory!!)

Nothing is working right on Blackberry Bold, 9630

Tried Frame, Embed no luck

All of the above works fine on desktop browsers.

Anybody out there with success? how?

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Is it possible for you to share the link so we can test it out? If it is authenticated you can create a copy of the DataPage and move it to the root, so we can have access to it without having credentials to login, then provide this link. If the data is sensitive and you do not want to share the data, you can create test records.

Here are the links can help you to create a copy of the DataPage and move them:

http://howto.caspio.com/datapages/manag ... pages.html

http://howto.caspio.com/datapages/manag ... pages.html



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In the last few days I have done some research on the issue. The issue most probably does not involve Caspio directly.

The real issue is that Blackberry's browser is a poor implementation of what a browser should be. They recommend in web pages not to use iframes nor this nor that...


For my mobile web site I have a simple line added at the bottom of home page:

"If you don't see the pictures, forms or form fields - click here"

What I do then is take the to a webpage on my site and suggest they download a "Real Browser" That is opera Mini. It does not support flash, but it supports just about any web coding out there on 6,000 phones. My page has a link. The link takes them to Opera, Opera detects the phone and you download the appropriate browser "Voila"

Added benefit: Lightning speed. I installed it on my Nokia C3-00 and its like I'm connected to WI-FI or 3G even though I'm on a regular connection. Installed it on the Blackberry 9630 and an old 2 year old Bold: Its GREAT

Other benefit: On my mobile version of Google Mashup, the Nokia browser would load part of it and crash on "out of memory"

Important benefit related to Caspio: The submit form on one of my Datapages (passing parameters) now works.

So I will not have to sweat it out with Blackberry, Androids, Iphone. I-this, I-that and the other. Message to my web site visitors: Use a universal browser.

I stayed away from specific developing "phone apps" for that same reason. Stay universally compatible.

My advice to Caspio developers out there don't worry about the specific cell phones. They will all have to eventually get in line and fix their bad browsers.


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Wow, thanks normindr for such a great advice!

For those who are having difficulties to get their Caspio apps work on phones, direct your users to use their device’s default browser to visit the address m.opera.com and install Opera for their phones or tablets.



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