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How can I reset a parameter



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How can I reset a parameter


I build an DataPage (DP_MS_New_Service_Request_to_Plan) of the type ‘Reports – Tabular’ and it’s filtered (Filter data based on your pre-defined criteria) filtered by the field [Ticket_Status_MS] if this is equal to “New”.

This DataPage shows the new tickets that have newly arrived. The customer's planner looks at the ticket details (via Select link) to determine which partner company should execute it. Then he edit the line and fill in the partner company and update this record. After this, this record/line disappears from this view (executed by a Triggered Action). Only the view of ticket details is still showing information of this updated record. That doesn't look very neat because this ticket is no longer shown as a newly arrived ticket. So that's why I want to reset this parameter after the updated record.


When you click on “Select” (link) of one of the available lines/records in the upper DataPage (DP_MS_New_Service_Request_to_Plan), I pass the parameter: www.jmprojects.nl/modernspace?acs=[@field:ACS_Ticket_Number] to the next Datapage (

After Edit the same line/record, I want to reset the parameter with “cbResetParam=1” after the question mark (?) in the URL. But there isn’t an option in this DataPages because both are on the same webpage.


Please advice my in this case!


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Do you mean same website page or using same data page?

I'm not 100% sure on all the details you've set for this page and the underlying workflow driving the form, but if the pre-defined filter is set to pick up all records flagged as "new" then this will continue until the data table is changed and updated. Passing a parameter doesn't change the record field from new, so the table will continue to select the record.

It sounds like whatever field is identifing a record as "new" needs to be updated in Ticket Details to the next workflow step so when the Ticket Details is submitted, the main table no longer selects it as part of the predefined filter.

I hope that helps

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