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How to prevent Update button from creating duplicate records?




I discovered a huge issue while I was testing my app today. I have a lot of tabular reports that lead to the details page and I want to give my users the option to update records. Whenever I click the update button, it updates the existing record and creates a new one. I want to update the existing record only without creating a new one. Any idea on how to prevent this?


For example, I changed the status of the test user (Jessica Smith) from Active to Inactive and then again to Active. As you can see, for some reason, the system created two additional records below. Does anyone have any idea why this is happening? I can't remember it was happening before although I did updates.


Many thanks,


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Hi @Aleksandra, this should not be the behavior of a record update. Do you have any triggered action on the table you are using for the report that runs on update? that's usually the first possible reason why updating a record on a DataPage creates a new one as well. I hope this helps.


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